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Wisconsin Yorkie Dogs for Adoption
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Rescue Me ID: 15-01-21-00771Misty (female)

Yorkie Mix    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    A year ago, Misty was adopted from a humane society by a sweet little old lady who lived alone and needed company. Misty has been a great comfort to the lady, and she has been well taken care of and loved. Now, unfortunately, the lady's health is failing. She is going into an assisted living facility and she can't take Misty with her. So, the lady has asked our rescue to find a new loving adopter for Misty. You can probably see the confusion and sadness in Misty's eyes-having been recently uprooted from her home-and we'd like to add a sparkle to her eyes again, by finding just the right adopter for her! During this past year, Misty's owner ... (Read More)wasn't well enough to take Misty for walks for exercise or to enjoy a change of scenery. Misty has lived a very sheltered life, and--when she had to go potty--the lady just tied her outside in the yard for a short time. So although Misty is basically housebroken, we were told that she did have a few accidents in the house. (We are thinking it was due to the lady not letting Misty outside on a regular basis. However, Misty's new adopter should be prepared to work with her a little so that she can perfect her housebreaking skills.) Misty doesn't have any medical or temperament 'issues' that we know of, and she is very sweet and friendly. She loves to cuddle, and her owner says Misty enjoys playing fetch with her ball. We don't know what Misty's mix of breeds is, but we're thinking she may be a combination of ShihTzu and sort type of Terrier (Yorkie, Norwich, or Australian Terrier?) Misty is two years old now, and she is a lovely little dog who would make a great companion for an older couple or individual,. However, we're hoping that this next time around-being a young dog-Misty will have a chance to expand her horizons, get a little more exercise, and have some FUN! Because of Misty's small size (she weighs 12 lbs.), we worry that a small child might inadvertently injure her. So, we would prefer that she be adopted by an adults-only home. And, because she loves being with her people and is not accustomed to being left home alone all day, an adopter who works just part time, is retired, or works out of his/her home would be the best fit for her. Misty is a bit afraid of other dogs, but we think she would do fine with a little furry pal after a short adjustment period and-in fact-she would probably enjoy the company of a doggie friend. Misty has been spayed, microchipped, immunized, and she has been on heartworm preventative. Her adoption fee is $300. If you think you could offer Misty the opportunity for a new happy life, please e-mail us at: and tell us about yourself, including your daily schedule, your other family members, if you have other pets and/or a safely fenced yard (please, no invisible fencing), what kind of a dog you're looking to adopt, etc. Then, if we mutually agree that Misty might be a good fit for you (and you, for her) we will e-mail you an adoption application. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $300 Animal Location:

One Starfish Rehoming Connections, Inc
P.O. Box 404
Columbia County Columbus, WI 53925 MAP IT!

Marti Houge -

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Animal ID: 15004Maximus (male)

Yorkie    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Kids and Adults 
Personality: Low Energy, Very Submissive 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current, Blind, Deaf 

    Initial Bio 1/13/15: Initial Bio: Max is a such a great guy, very laid back and very well mannered. He is deaf and visually impaired, seeing some shadows in bright light. He passed his physical today with flying colors. He will have a dental in two weeks to remove tarter. Despite the vision issue, he gets around very well. He is house trained and does NOT mark. He loves stuffed animals and soft dog toys to play with. He plays a gentle game of tug of war. After picking him up from the shelter, I took him in for a full grooming session and the groomer said he was amazing, the best behaved dog she has had in a long time. He loves being petted ... (Read More)and getting belly rubs. He gets along with children, spending time with my 5-year-old granddaughter and enjoyed cuddling with her. A home with older children would be fine since little ones tend to move fast and Max does not watch where he wanders. He gets along great with other dogs and plays with them a little. The best for him would be small to medium dogs of adult age. Max also walks great on a leash and enjoys car rides. At this time, I believe that Max would do best in a home where some is home the majority of the time. (Less)

     Animal Location:

Outagamie County Kaukauna, WI 54130 MAP IT!

Lora S

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Animal ID: 14-047Peanut (female)

Yorkie    Age: Young Adult

Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Hi Peanut is my name and I'm looking to adopt a new owner. Don't let the name Peanut fool you as I'm a healthy 14.9 lb. 3 year old smart and self -assured Yorkie mixed girl looking for a new owner. I have a hardy appetite and love to go for long walks. You can rough it up with me when we play. I like nothing better than to have my foster mom throw my toys so I can run and fetch them. And there's nothing like a good tug of war with my pull toy. Although soft toys are out of the question as I like to shred them up. I can't help myself when it comes to plastic bags or paper left laying around or in my reach I just have to shred them up to bits ... (Read More)too. I guess I'm into recycling but I am learning and trying to curb my enthusiasm. I don't like to be penned up or put in a crate either I'm just too outgoing for that. Another habit that I'm working on is to stop licking the bottom half of doors I think it might be like nail biting in humans. Don't ask why I do that it's just a habit I picked up along the way. I am working on trying to stop though. I try and be a good girl and go outside when it potty time but sometimes I have accidents. My foster mom said I'm getting better at it though. I'm good around other dogs and children and I love to sleep in bed at night with my foster mom. I also like to nap on any available human lap or snuggle up next to a human body but please don't move your feet to fast and startle me if I'm sleeping cause I've been known to nip. So if your a human looking for exercise and some mental stimulation then I'm the gal for you. (Less)

     Animal Location:

Milwaukee County Oakcreek, WI 53154 MAP IT!

Debra R

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Animal ID: 14-110Bella (female)

Yorkie    Age: Puppy

Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    12/3/2014 Bella has had a rough life so far. After looking further into her issues, it has been noted that she probably has chemical burns on and around her eyes which is why she was in so much pain that she needed morphine. When she first arrived in rescue, Bella wouldn't/couldn't open her eyes. It was thought then that the reason was untreated dry eye. It was recommended that Bella have drops in her eyes 6-8 times a day which was a problem because she wouldn't let anyone near her face. To be able to even attempt eye drops, Bella had to be sedated first. Where as we know this is NOT a good solution long term, it did allow us to treat her ... (Read More)eyes for a36 hours while we waited to get into the Opthamologist. During the appointment with the eye Doctor, it was noted that she had severe corneal ulcers that would probably need surgery to releave the pain and to hopefully restore what vision we could. We were sent home with several medications to try to get the healing process started before surgery - which could have happened today. I dropped Bella off at the vet at 6:45 this AM and just heard back from the Opthamologist. The drops we were able to get in have worked magic with her. The large, severe ulcer in her left eye is 100% healed and the smaller but deeper ulcer in her right eye is 98% healed. This is fantastic news for Bella! We are unsure as to how much she can see, but as long as there is enough light, she can see well. At this time, Bella will not need surgery. The Opthamologist wants to see her every week for a month or so to ensure she remains on track medically. The next step for Bella is to hopefully work with a behaviorist to help her learn how to tolerate the eye drops since she still does have Dry Eye. Bella also will need to work on her manners as her first response to someone new is to charge at them. Because of Bella's suspected abuse, she will need to learn to trust people again. Bella is a very active 10 month old pup who needs that special house to help her regain trust in people again. Once her medical needs are met, she will be available for adoption! If you are looking for a companion who loves walks, treats, a good game of fetch, and her own home, and are willing to work with Bella on her trust issues, Bella is the one for you! (Less)

     Animal Location:

Dane County McFarland, WI 53558 MAP IT!

Shelly L

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Animal ID: 14-045Daphne (female)

Yorkie    Age: Young Adult

Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Update 12/2/14: Daphne has basically been doing well. She is eating well and had a long stretch where she was running around and playing. It was looking like she might have been stable enough to finally have her dental done, however recently, she has not been eating as well and choosing not to engage. We are working on adjusting her medication again to see if we can find the right balance again for her that allows her to behave like a normal little dog. Daphne will go in for another ammonia level check to see how things are going for her and to make sure the ammonia levels are at a minimum. Because her liver shunt surgery failed, Daphne will ... (Read More)need to be medically managed the rest of her life which will involve frequent adjustments to her medications, prescription food and ammonial level checks once a month. For now, it is our hope that the levels will remain in the normal range and that we can move forward with getting some of her bad teeth out! Update 08/30/14: Daphne continues to hold her own. We can't seem to get the right combinations of medications to regulate her. She will have average ammonia levels one day and 3 days later be dangerously high. She is tired of all the blood draws and cries as soon as we get to the vet because she knows what is coming.... poor thing! Some good news is that she has put on some weight! I have not had to force feed her for a little bit now - it sure is nice to see her eat!! When Daphne is feeling good, she runs around the house trying to get the other dogs to play. She is a HUGE snuggler and would love nothing more than to sit with her person all day long! Daphne continues to sleep well and takes her medicine like a champ. It is our hope that once she is stable, she will be able to be adopted out to her own loving family who will spoil her rotten! When will she be ready? We don't know. In the meantime, she will continue to have all the tests and medical attention she needs to keep her on track. Thank you so much for reading about Daphne! Update 08/15/14: Daphne is holding her own. She eats on her own about 50% of the time and is down to only 3 medicines that have to be given every 8 hours. Tuesday, she will have a bile acid check and another ammonia level check to see where she is. Neurologically, she seems to be doing ok. I do not see her condition worsening, however I would feel so much better if she would improve and stabilize a bit more! Because she is not considered 'stable' yet, she will be going with me to a family member's wedding. We were fortunate enough to secure an RV so she can go with me and have all of her things with us. It is my hope that even though we are out of our normal environment, she will do well because there are many familiar things around her. Please keep her in your thoughts as stress tends to cause issues medically with some liver shunt dogs. I will update again in 2 days! Thanks for checking in! Many past updates from this point, this is the very first information that we have on her...for more information please contact us. Initial Bio 05/29/14: Meet Daphne, a 2.4 pound, 3 year old girl who just came into rescue. Daphne hasn't been in rescue long, she is currently in the emergency room at the University of Wisconsin Vet hospital. Daphne has a suspected liver shunt that has resulted in several seizures and a coma in the past. She has a huge infection some where, is anemic, has severe dental disease and a grade 3 luxating patella on her left rear knee. All of this is in addition to the liver shunt! Poor little girl. Her past medical records prove that she is a little energizer bunny.... With all she has been through, she wants to live. Daphne will be available for adoption after all of her medical needs are met, but for the time being, she will remain in rescue. Daphne's medical bills are expected to be quite high. If you are able to help out with any size donation to give her a chance of life without feeling ill or pain, it would be much appreciated. Stay tuned for updates as we figure out where to go from here. (Less)

     Animal Location:

Dane County McFarland, WI 53558 MAP IT!

Shelly L

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PIease Read Before Adopting a Yorkie in Wisconsin
    Yorkie Dogs can make good pets in Wisconsin if they match your IifestyIe. The Yorkshire Terrier is a cute, spunky little dog with a true Terrier temperament. Yorkies can be dog aggressive and wary of strangers. Yorkshire Terriers are loving and devoted to their people and do fine with children who respect them. Yorkies respond well to firm, consistent obedience training but may require patience when housebreaking. They do fine in an apartment but need to play and be taken on a daily walk.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
lnteresting Yorkie Trivia Low-Cost Wisconsin Spay & Neuter Clinics
    Yorkies were bred to hunt rats in the mines of north England. Yorkies were probably developed by Scotsmen working in Yorkshire, England. Yorkies have been popular ladies' lap dogs for many years.

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