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Animal ID: 15-168Kirby (male)

Yorkie    Age: Adult

    Updated bio 11-16-15 Kirby is a wonderful, 7 year old boy. He weighs only 6 pounds. Kirby is being fostered in Nashville, TN Hey, everyone! It's me, Kirby. A lot has happened since my last update. I really do love my foster mom, dad, and brothers. Despite coming from deplorable conditions at the puppy mill, it has been very easy for me to show love! There is nothing better than getting and giving love to my foster family. I'm still working on this 'potty training' thing, but foster mom isn't worried, because she said I'm smart and catch on easy. Also, my skin is healing up nicely, thanks to the warm baths with my special shampoo. I ... (Read More)even like being blow-dried! And boy oh boy, do I smell great. This is sure the life. The day United Yorkie Rescue took me from that horrible puppy mill place was the luckiest day of my life. My nexy luckiest day will be the day I get my forever family. I had my second DOGtor visit today and it's been confirmed I do have heartworms. It's going to be long road of recovery -- For those of you who don't know how treating heartworms works....I'll be given heartgard and antibiotics, prednisone, and a series of 3 injections over a 3 month period. During this time I have to keep calm, which will be hard, because I'm full of energy. I sure will appreciate your love and friendship during the rough time ahead. If you would like to help me in my recovery and donate towards my expensive treatment, please give whatever you can. Every penny will help. XOXO, Kirby Initial Bio 11/6/2015 Kirby is a 7 year old, 6 lb. Yorkie boy being fostered in Nashville TN. Kirby was taken into UYR from the Animal Rescue Corps puppy mill rescue operation in rural Mississippi. The Animal Rescue Corps in collaboration with law enforcement agencies responded to a tip from a concerned citizen found Kirby and almost 70 other small breed animals living in terrible conditions. They were living in wire cages outdoors exposed to the elements. These dogs were rescued and brought to the safety of the ARC temporary shelter in Lebanon TN. As a rescue partner, UYR was asked to assist with helping Kirby and 5 other Yorkies receive continued medical care and eventually a new forever home where they will become treasured family members. Kirby's luck has definitely taken a turn for the positive and Kirby had THIS to say after his visit to the Dogtor yesterday: Hi UYR Family & Friends! My name is KIRBY! We met briefly yesterday on Facebook, but I wanted to share more about my life with you%BD'%BD|.. Today I visited the DOGtor for the very first time! As you can see, I have a lot of medical issues: I am heart worm positive (so I will have a long road of recovery ahead of me!), I have staph infection on my skin (which explains my hair loss) and I am in terrible need of a dental exam. Plus, foster mom is determined to fatten me up, because I only weigh a measly 6 pounds and you can see ALL of my ribs and backbone. Despite having it hard, I am a very positive 7 year old! I am full of energy: I love to play with foster mom and my PAWsome foster brothers! Because of my life at puppy mill, I still have A LOT to learn about being a gentleman but am hoping that something called 'getting neutered?' will help with that. Foster mom is showing me extra love, nursing me back to health and teaching me how to be a good boy! I will definitely need LOTS of support from my UYR family & friends, so please%BD'%BD|. Help a fellow Yorkie brother out by contributing towards my care! P.S. - I got my first bath with my special shampoo (I could get used to that kind of pampering!) and I love it! Splish Splash Kirby LOVES takin' a bath :) (Less)

 Adoption Fee: YES Animal Location:

United Yorkie Rescue
Nashville, TN 37207 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 15-167Tobey (male)

Yorkie    Age: Young Adult

    Updated Bio 11/16/15 Tobey is a 3 year old 10 lb. Yorkie Boy being fostered in Cordova TN Tobey here with an updated! Hey every PAWDY! I just moved to my new Foster Home in Cordova TN. I like it here! I have two cute little foster siblings to play with and my new Foster Mom is very good to me. I am making good progress on my journey from being a Puppy Mill dog to becoming a normal and happy Yorkie boy. I love having a soft bed, yummy nutritious food, a safe environment, other pups to play with and nice humans that only want to love me and help me. This is SO VERY DIFFERENT from my life at the Puppy Mill. This week I am going ... (Read More)to the Dogtor to get my teeth cleaned, have a micro-chip inserted and also get 'neutered.' I'm not sure what that last part means but I'm okay with it if it means I get to start looking for my FOREVER home. Foster Mom says after I have all this stuff done I will be ready to start the search and I am VERY EXCITED for that to happen. If you have questions about me you can email my foster Mom at and thanks for reading my Bio! Initial Bio 11/6/2015 Tobey is a 3 year old, 10 lb. Yorkie boy being fostered in Nashville TN. Tobey was taken into UYR from the Animal Rescue Corps puppy mill rescue operation in rural Mississippi. The Animal Rescue Corps in collaboration with law enforcement agencies responded to a tip from a concerned citizen found Toby and almost 70 other small breed animals living in terrible conditions. They were living in wire cages outdoors exposed to the elements. These dogs were rescued and brought to the safety of the ARC temporary shelter in Lebanon TN. As a rescue partner, UYR was asked to assist with helping Tobey and 5 other Yorkies receive continued medical care and eventually a new forever home where they will become treasured family members. Tobey has spent his whole life living in the confines of a wire rabbit hutch without the love of a home and family. Those days are OVER and Tobey is now FREE from that terrible life! Tobey saw the Dogtor yesterday and we had some pretty good news. Despite the terrible conditions Tobey was living in he is in reasonably good health. Despite his 3 years in the puppy mill, Toby is very affectionate and eager to give lots of love to his Foster Mom and Dad. He also gets along GREAT with his other fur siblings. Since Tobey has not been neutered his does exhibit the types of behavior that unaltered males do but we hope that with the help of his foster parents, the support of his Facebook family and his upcoming neutering he will become more of a 'gentleman' LOL. Tobey is also in need of a dental and will have this done at the same time. We believe that Toby is young and healthy enough to forget about his puppy mill days and go on to live a normal, happy and healthy life. If you think you might be Tobey's perfect forever home, go ahead and apply to adopt him. If you would like show Toby some EXTRA SPECIAL love, please help by donating towards his care. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: YES Animal Location:

United Yorkie Rescue
Cordova, TN 38016 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 15-169Callie (female)

Yorkie    Age: Young Adult

Health: Spayed 

    Updated bio 11/23/15: Callie is a very sweet, 7 year old Yorkie girl. She is 7 pounds. Callie is being fostered in Ashland City, TN. Callie has settled into her foster home. She had her spay and dental surgery this week. Callie lost most of her teeth and needs to be on soft dog food for the rest of her life. Since she came from a puppy mill, Callie has had major trust issues. She is making progress, but she still is scared and tenses up when you try to pick her up. Callie has a habit of spinning around. It doesn't matter if she is in her huge playpen or out in the open. The spinning probably became a habit living in a small wire ... (Read More)hutch cage outside for her entire life before rescue. Her foster parents are hoping that as Callie realizes she is safe the spinning will lessen and in time stop. When her foster family isn't home she spends her time in the house in a playpen with wee wee pads, which she uses. When her foster family is home she has the run of the house. Even though she is making progress in her potty training, she still has an accident from time to time. Callie gets along great with her foster fur siblings. She is fearful of new people, though. How could she not be after all she has gone through? She is slowly learning people won't hurt her and she can trust them, but it will take time and love. She absolutely loves baby talk and will wag her tail and turn her body towards you to be petted. She enjoys sleeping with foster mom and dad. Although Callie has made progress, she will need a family who understands her special needs. She is still traumatized from her years spent in the puppy mill. Callie is a beautiful Yorkie girl who deserves to live the rest of her life with love and kindness! Initial Bio 11/6/15 Callie is a 3 year old, 6 LB Yorkie Female being fostered in Ashland City, TN Callie's first night away from the Animal Rescue Corp Puppy Mill rescue in Mississippi just gets better everyday. She had a quiet night in a huge room all to her self. Her foster mom leaves her cage open, turns NPR on the radio, and leaves a night-light on so she can start to feel comfortable and live the life she deserves. All she has known up to this point is life in wire rabbit cages and being exposed to the elements. Year after year she was forced to have one litter after another. Callie now has a warm bed with clean food and water and toys to play with! She has been out to walk in the green grass and feel the gentle fall breeze on her face. Everything that she does during these first few weeks is a first for her and her foster mom marvels at her responses. Callie is currently being treated for ear mites and has some bad teeth so she is on an antibiotic. She is going to the vet on Monday to be totally vetted so she can get the TLC that she needs. Further updates will be provided once we know more about this sweet little girl. Since Callie is a puppy mill survivor she will need to live with a family that has teen children or older. She is very shy at the moment but her foster parents are working hard to bring her out of her shell. Time and tender loving care is just what the doctor ordered. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: YES Animal Location:

United Yorkie Rescue
Ashland City, TN 37015 MAP IT!


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Rescue Me ID: 15-10-28-00073Baby girl (female)

Yorkie    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Not Good with Other Dogs, Good with Adults (Not Kids) 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Needs to be Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Baby girl is a parti Yorkie she is a very sweet girl, her owner didn't have time for her, so we took her to find a forever home, the fee is to have her spayed and a exam, I want her to be adopted in Sevier county and I would want to go to the home to be sure I' m comfortable with where she will be living, she needs a yard

 Adoption Fee: $175. Animal Location:

Sevier County Gatlinburg, TN MAP IT!

Sharon Lee 865-202-7057

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Animal ID: 15-149Lucky (male)

Yorkie Mix    Age: Young Adult

    Updated bio 11/22/15 Lucky is a happy 3-year-old Yorkie mix. He is a big fellow, weighing 18 perfect pounds. He is being fostered in Byrdstown, TN Lucky is recovering very nicely from his surgery. He is now walking up hills with his foster parents to develop his leg muscles so he can walk on all four feet. It's only been two weeks since his surgery and his foster parents have seen him use his injured leg on a few occasions. The more he walks the better he gets. All Lucky wants for Christmas is a forever home and a Christmas sweater that fits! Imagine having to borrow a sweater from a Chihuahua and one that qualifies as an ugly ... (Read More)sweater on top of it! Since his surgery Lucky has gained 2 lbs. and he looks great! He coat is growing back and he is now ready for his forever home. Might that person be you? Feel free to email his foster mom at if you have any questions. It will be a very lucky person who gets to adopt Lucky. Updated Bio 11/6/15 Lucky is a 3 year old 18 lb. Yorkie mix being fostered in Byrdstown,TN Lucky had his FHO (hip) surgery on 11/4/15 and came out of the anesthesia very alert and happy to go home with his foster family. The vet said he was a good patient and that the stitches on the side of his hip will come out in 14 days. He is now sporting a shaved hip and is all the rage among his Yorkie friends. That same evening everyone made sure he was comfortable so he would mend quickly. He enjoyed being the center of attention. The next morning Lucky woke up with a voracious appetite and looks like he is back to his old self. He is getting around with this new red splint well and if you saw him before you would know that it isn't going to slow him down. Lucky has people to see and places to go! Lucky's best chance at a perfect life is with someone who wants him to be their constant companion. Lucky has separation anxiety and wants to find someone who is seeking a constant canine companion. He will not do well in a situation where he is left alone for long periods of time. That being said, he LOVES to be active and has lots of energy so someone with an active lifestyle or a family setting would be good. A fenced yard would be perfect as he loves to stand outside an watch the world go by. If you leave him alone he has separation anxiety and will not hesitate to call you back to be with him. If you think you are just the person that Lucky is looking for then please apply to adopt him. And he would be very appreciative of any donations towards his care! Initial Bio 10/25/2015 Lucky is a 3 year old 18 lb. male Yorkie mix being fostered in Byrdstown TN. Lucky is true to his name....he is ONE LUCKY BOY! Lucky was picked up off the streets by animal control. He had no chip, no tags, no collar and sadly after many days in the shelter his stray hold was up and No Owners came to look for him. This is bad news for Lucky because he had a dislocated hip, a broken right hind leg and an injured left foot. Sadly, shelters do not have the financial resources to deal with these types of injuries and these dogs are not adoptable to the public in this condition. So%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD'%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD|%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD'%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD%BD|..sadly in most instances these dogs are humanely euthanized if a Rescue group doesn't step up and take them. United Yorkie Rescue could not that happen to this young otherwise healthy boy so we stepped up to take him. Hence.....this big Yorkie boy with boundless energy came to have his name: LUCKY! Lucky just arrived in his foster home today. He will go to the Vet again tomorrow to assess the extent of his injuries and what it will take to get him healthy and ready for adoption. So far we know that he acts like a puppy and has ton of energy. He is also vocal and likes to have attention and will let you know if you aren't giving it to him. We 'think' he would be a great family dog, but we have not tested him officially with children yet. Other than that, we are JUST getting to know Lucky so please STAY TUNED for updates as we come to know more about this loveable bouncy fella! (Less)

 Adoption Fee: YES Animal Location:

United Yorkie Rescue
Byrdstown, TN 38549 MAP IT!


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Animal ID: 15-144Willow (female)

Yorkie    Age: Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs 
Health: Spayed 

    Updated Bio 11-19-15 Willow is a very sweet 8 year old, 13.4 pound Yorkie. She is being fostered in Ashland City, TN. Willow has settled in at her foster home. Her favorite thing to do is give kisses after kisses! Willow enjoys meeting new people and gets along well with her foster fur siblings. Willow is not a fan of being crated or trapped in a small area. She likes to have run of the house. The good news it that Willow is making progress in her potty training, but when her foster family isn't home she wears a diaper. She had her visit to the dentist this week and had 9 teeth removed! Don't be alarmed! She still has plenty of ... (Read More)teeth left to eat her yummy food with. Willow had spent her past life having litter after litter of puppies. She is not much for playing with toys, but is all about being with her person and snuggling. She loves sleeping with her foster mom and dad! Willow would be great in a home where someone is home most of the time. She would also do great in a home with other fur babies. Willow is just looking for love and looking to give love! Wouldn't you want to make Willow your forever baby? Please fill out an adoption application for her. Updated Bio 11-1-15 Willow is an adorable 8 year old, 15 lb. Yorkie girl being fostered in Ashland City, TN. Willow just landed in her new Foster home in TN. She is recovering from surgery to remove mammary tumors. The good news is that surgery was successful and we believe Willow is cured. She still needs to have a dental which will happen this week. Willow has separation anxiety and does not like to be left alone. She will need a home where her owners are willing to be with her most of the time. She also gets anxious riding in vehicles and is not a fan of traveling. Willow is still working on house training and will need a home where they have the patience to help her continue to make progress. Her new Foster Mom is just getting to know her so stay tuned for updates as we get to know her better. Initial Bio. 10-8-15 Meet Willow. Willow is a very sweet 15.3 pound Yorkie. She is about 8 years old. Willow is being fostered in Stella, NC. Willow arrived at her foster home today. She is scheduled for her first vet visit on Monday. She has several tumors that need removal. She will also need a spay, a dental, and medicine for her infected ears. Willow also needs all her vaccinations, including heartworm and fecal testing. Willow will need about two weeks to recover and then we expect her to be ready for her forever home. She is already house trained, gets along with other dogs, and is just a very wonderful dog ready to be loved and cared for forever. Please check back soon after Willow's surgery for updates on her progress. Willow's surgery, which will include the removal of several tumors, a dental, a spay, blood work, vaccinations, and an analysis of the tumors, will be costly. Please consider donating towards this sweet girl's medical care. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: YES Animal Location:

Ashland City, TN 37015 MAP IT!


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PIease Read Before Adopting a Yorkie in Tennessee
    Yorkie Dogs can make good pets in Tennessee if they match your IifestyIe. The Yorkshire Terrier is a cute, spunky little dog with a true Terrier temperament. Yorkies can be dog aggressive and wary of strangers. Yorkshire Terriers are loving and devoted to their people and do fine with children who respect them. Yorkies respond well to firm, consistent obedience training but may require patience when housebreaking. They do fine in an apartment but need to play and be taken on a daily walk.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
lnteresting Yorkie Trivia Low-Cost Tennessee Spay & Neuter Clinics
    Yorkies were bred to hunt rats in the mines of north England. Yorkies used to be much larger but have gradually been bred down to become a miniature breed. Yorkies have been popular ladies' lap dogs for many years.

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